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Regnant Technologies has formed strategic partnerships with several companies, website firms and marketing agencies. We provide essential support and consultancy to delivery qualified SEO. To start-up or smaller companies, SEO enriched websites provide extra mileage with satisfied clients and better offers.

We offer partership program for smaller companies and marketing agencies, which is competitive, offers high quality and effective services to your clients. In our partnership program, we focus on:

1. Competitive and affordable prices : Our prices are the most competitive and reasonable for our partners, so that you need not to compromise on quality for better prices. Our strategic planning allows us to maintain our quality with highly skilled professionals with limited costs.

2. Quality of work: We assure are partners for great results with maintaining quality. We have result-oriented strategy for SEO services and other Internet marketing activities.

3. Timeline follow-ups : On-time delivery of work, from analysis to report submission, so that you are updated with each phase of development.

6. Confidentiality : We have an agreement of confidentialty with our partners, which will ensure you for no unauthorized information or identiy sharing.

5. Customizable Reports : Our reports and documentation for SEO will be white labeled, to maintain you as the first service provider of your client.

To join us as partner or know more about our program, fill the Request Form and send to us.

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